About Us

Alegria Food was born as a passion of young people for the business they wanted to relate to the pleasure of taste.

Alegria was established in 2011 and has grown day by day in the Albanian market becoming one of the best brands in the Albanian market of dried fruits and spices.

The passion of the creators of this brand and the great responsibility to the consumer, has made under the name Alegria the best quality of dried fruits, dried fruits and legumes. All of these are selected only by internationally recognized companies and manufacturers, through a qualified staff of professionals.

In recent years the company has focused on the production and marketing of traditional Albanian products such as breadcrumbs, jufka, roshnica, raiment, trahana etc.

Our Mission

To stay always close to our customers, to identify and satisfy their needs, selecting our products through technologies and experiences from successful food crops around the world.

To build a Premium brand in Albania by taking care of our customers and customers by providing absolutely quality and healthy products.